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Social Evolution portal with respect to human nature, environment and modern way of life

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Follwoing the global transformation, deep knowledge of the cutting edge technology and moving to human's new era.

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In a world that is rappidly chagnging we support the social evolution by connecting cultures, people and thoughts, setting up the miracles of tomorrow!

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Welcome to Channel4Society

The innovative portal for social evolution and globe prosperity.

Technology has brought up a global communication that is the main power for hummanity to enter a new age, the age of wisdom, as it seems that the age of knowledge has been alredy finished. Human nature's needs are nowadays more demanding than ever, humanism is being threatened by dataism, let's make life easier and safer!

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    Where can we find God in Modern Societies?

    There is an important issue regarding God's idea for modern people. As science and technology are growing enormously fast people are cheanginf=g their attitude towards God and his role in their lives.


    Let's find out what Modern Art is made of!!!

    An oustanding numebr of artists is pushing forward new and innovative Art proposals where ideas, feelings and pieces of art are composing a picture of a global art "house" that never existed before!


    When Culture becomes a rule in life

    In people's daily routine in most societies of the western world it is highly appreciated a gentle and civilized behavior. But even that is some times under the question of what is really bringing the culture in our routine. We will trace some answers that might be useful to give us a more clear picture of the cultural interrelations between people coming from different cultures who live together in multi ethnic - multicultural societies.


    Responding to the Needs of Children and Families Following Disaster

    Natural disasters have been in the headlines recently, more so than usual. Most disasters are unpredictable and hard to control, but we do have control over our disaster preparedness and what happens after a disaster occurs. Part of what we can do is mobilize the affected community. Psychologists can and do make major research-based contributions here, not only in easing individual suffering, but also in drawing upon and coordinating the resources of the entire community to ensure the most effective preparedness and response.