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Who is Salvador Dali?

Who is Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dalí made paintings, sculptures and films about the dreams he had. He painted melting clocks and floating eyes, clouds that look like faces and rocks that look like bodies. Sounds weird right? Think about what your paintings would look like if you painted your dreams? I bet they would be pretty weird too!
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Italy: Parma – why this city will be on everybody’s lips in 2021
Parma, Italy's lesser-known destinations will be on everybody's lips with two awards: 'Capital of Culture' AND the 'City of Gastronomy’
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10 works of Beethoven that actually changed the world

10 works of Beethoven that actually changed the world

250 years ago, Ludwig van Beethoven was born – and the world was never the same again. These are 10 masterpieces from the German composer that altered everything forever.
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What is travel hacking and how can you do it? Here are 19 travel life hacks
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been trying to find a cheap deal for my trip to Bangkok from Kolkata for days. And after multiple searches with different airlines and hours of browsing cheap flight sites, I saw the fee of $45 USD. It was surrounded by prices ranging from $150 to $300 USD. I didn’t spend any time thinking about it and I booked the one-way ticket right away.
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#DeepNostalgia – how animating portraits with AI is both bolstering and undoing historic painted lies
The AI family history app MyHeritage allows users to animate photographs from the past. Run a document through the app and it will seemingly bring it to life, making the subject’s eyes blink and look around. Many have been turning this technology on photographs and paintings of well-known historical figures.
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Sociological Definition of Popular Culture - History and Genesis
Popular culture (or "pop culture") refers in general to the traditions and material culture of a particular society. In the modern West, pop culture refers to cultural products such as music, art, literature, fashion, dance, film, cyberculture, television, and radio that are consumed by the majority of a society's population. Popular culture is those types of media that have mass accessibility and appeal.
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