Responding to the Needs of Children and Families Following Disaster
Natural disasters have been in the headlines recently, more so than usual. Most disasters are unpredictable and hard to control, but we do have control over our disaster preparedness and what happens after a disaster occurs. Part of what we can do is mobilize the affected community. Psychologists can and do make major research-based contributions here, not only in easing individual suffering, but also in drawing upon and coordinating the resources of the entire community to ensure the most effective preparedness and response.
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Teen Suicide is Preventable

Teen Suicide is Preventable

Teen suicide is a serious problem. But there are signs to watch for, and sources for help.
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Online education in the post-COVID era

Online education in the post-COVID era

The coronavirus pandemic has forced students and educators across all levels of education to rapidly adapt to online learning. The impact of this — and the developments required to make it work — could permanently change how education is delivered.
Five ways to help your child develop a love for reading
A love for reading can be hugely valuable for children. The benefits of leisure reading include increased general knowledge, a positive impact on academic achievement, enhanced reading ability and vocabulary growth.
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The Case for Limiting Kids’ Screen Time: A Review of Be the Parent
It’s hard to think of a more controversial topic among contemporary parents—whatever the age of their kids—than screen time.
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The Five Common Myths About Inclusive Education

The Five Common Myths About Inclusive Education

ducation can provide opportunities for individuals to learn and realise their potential, giving them the tools to fully participate in all aspects of life—economic, social, political, and cultural. But such opportunities are not guaranteed for everyone, and unfortunately, this disparity in education is prevalent even from the early years of life.
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