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SpaceX Starships keep exploding, but it’s all part of Elon Musk’s plan
“We expect it to explode,” Musk has said. “It’s weird if it doesn’t explode, frankly.”
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#DeepNostalgia – how animating portraits with AI is both bolstering and undoing historic painted lies
The AI family history app MyHeritage allows users to animate photographs from the past. Run a document through the app and it will seemingly bring it to life, making the subject’s eyes blink and look around. Many have been turning this technology on photographs and paintings of well-known historical figures.
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Google’s scrapping third-party cookies – but invasive targeted advertising will live on
Google has announced plans to stop using tracking cookies on its Chrome browser by 2022, replacing them with a group profiling system in a move the company says will plot “a course towards a more privacy-friendly web”.
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8 Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

8 Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

If you looked up the term “artificial intelligence” on Google and somehow ended up on this article, or commuted to work using Uber, you made use of AI. There are countless examples of artificial intelligence that impact our lives. While some people label this as the “robots taking over the world in an evil genius way” phenomenon, it is impossible to deny that artificial intelligence has made life easy by saving us loads of time, money and energy.
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Using AI for Digital Identification, Fraud Prevention, and Increased ROI
Technology’s role in our everyday lives continues to increase exponentially. Although the shift to digital began before the pandemic, as we continue operating in a largely remote world, technology is increasingly used for daily tasks like shopping, banking, and even healthcare. When it comes to confirming identity, much is at stake for businesses and individuals, including potential time and material losses. The challenge companies are currently facing is how to confirm digital identities while maintaining a positive consumer experience.
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Bypassing censorship with VPNs ― is that really safe?

Bypassing censorship with VPNs ― is that really safe?

Virtual Private Networks are a quick emergency solution when regimes block critical websites. With VPNs, you can still access the free internet through a tunnel. But can you trust the provider?
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