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The first ‘robots’ were made of flesh and bone

The first ‘robots’ were made of flesh and bone

A century ago, a Czech playwright coined the word to refer to oppression of the working class.
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Think all your plastic is being recycled? New research shows it can end up in the ocean
We all know it’s wrong to toss your rubbish into the ocean or another natural place. But it might surprise you to learn some plastic waste ends up in the environment, even when we thought it was being recycled.
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SpaceX Starships keep exploding, but it’s all part of Elon Musk’s plan
“We expect it to explode,” Musk has said. “It’s weird if it doesn’t explode, frankly.”
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What Is Cognition?

What Is Cognition?

Cognition is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension.
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#DeepNostalgia – how animating portraits with AI is both bolstering and undoing historic painted lies
The AI family history app MyHeritage allows users to animate photographs from the past. Run a document through the app and it will seemingly bring it to life, making the subject’s eyes blink and look around. Many have been turning this technology on photographs and paintings of well-known historical figures.
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We’re sleeping more in lockdown, but the quality is worse
As the pandemic spread in 2020 and nations entered lockdown, many people noticed their sleep patterns changing.
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