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When Culture becomes a rule in life

When Culture becomes a rule in life

In people's daily routine in most societies of the western world it is highly appreciated a gentle and civilized behavior. But even that is some times under the question of what is really bringing the culture in our routine. We will trace some answers that might be useful to give us a more clear picture of the cultural interrelations between people coming from different cultures who live together in multi ethnic - multicultural societies.

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Mahatma Gandhi, the power of of non-violence

Mahatma Gandhi, the power of of non-violence

He’s one of the most instantly recognizable figures of the 20th century – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known to many as the Mahatma or Great Soul. The 2nd of October, 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth and the start of a life of struggle in the fight for Indian independence from British colonial rule.

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Olof Palme, killed for his ideas

Olof Palme, killed for his ideas

Olof Palme, in full Sven Olof Joachim Palme, (born January 30, 1927, Stockholm, Sweden—died February 28, 1986, Stockholm), prime minister of Sweden (1969–76, 1982–86), prominent leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party (Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetar Partiet), Sweden’s oldest continuing party. He became Sweden’s best-known international politician.

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How the US Army and US Navy Won the First Battle of Desert Storm

On Jan. 24, 1991, a U.S.-led international coalition won the first battle of Operation Desert Storm, the effort to free Kuwait after its invasion and annexation by Iraq, with the coordinated efforts of the Army and Navy.

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Secrets of Leadership: Hitler and Churchill

Secrets of Leadership: Hitler and Churchill

If you analyse four key leaders of the last century - Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King - to discover whether they have any traits in common as leaders, a profound difference emerges between those leaders who were charismatic - Hitler and Kennedy - and those who were genuinely inspirational - Churchill and Martin Luther King. A comparison between Churchill and Hitler, and between true inspiration and mere charisma, gives a useful insight into this difference, and may help in the analysis of what leadership entails.

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The Alevis: Turkey’s othered

The Alevis: Turkey’s othered

There is no one definition of Sunni, there is no one way to believe, or one true sect. That stands true for Alevis as well, there is no one way to be Alevi, and there doesn’t need to be. Like Sunnis, Alevis and how they believe and practice have been affected by various religions, cultures and faiths, as well as historic and political events on various lands.

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